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meh - Paul
October 14th, 2009
12:48 am


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procrastination is over 9000!

It only gets worse with anxiety... Continuous work is a much better answer. People's mental states collide like menstrual cycles. The mind flows. Some say it is empathy, some say it is being focused on the same tasks... It's probably more automatic than the conscious mind would like to admit. Are you powerful enough to evoke mental states? Mind over emotion and state of being may be zen.

Alleviate a mental state. rant rhyme write blah. Coherency is a bitch I'd suffocate.

I suppose inherently I have some loose wire that screams out to me peace. I despise conflict on some psychotic unconscious level. This is not to say that I fear conflict. The exact words, if they exist, elude me. I'm more drawn to the conflict, seeking to resolve it with peaceful justice. Yet, when it comes to personal matters, it makes me reluctant to play a winning hand. It gets harder to be so reluctant when the other players are putting down low pairs. Why do people always call? Do they think I am bluffing? Do they feel I am not just?

Silly me... not fearing injustice... The world is not always just, and I do not care. Is justice fair, and do I care? Is it a blur? It's not a moral dilemma, do I wish to win? It seems my hand is being pushed. The foe is routed, Ceasar demands an execution.

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Date:October 14th, 2009 03:10 pm (UTC)
Justice says not to spare the rod.

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