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Hello Pyrrho - Zig
August 11th, 2009
08:32 pm


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Hello Pyrrho
I have no need to escape from that which was destroyed for all humanity to never partake of again.

Politics. Prejudice with reason. The Betrayer.

I tip my glass to thee, fair taxation. Who is to pay for the criminals who enforce the will of the majority? Fair taxation, perhaps a flat sales tax? A tax which, by not taxing "crime", would roughly create a 50% economic incentive on criminal organizations to avoid the government. Certainly, some Republicans are wise in their ways of making crime so profitable. Industry specific tax, a Democrat favorite, target a "harmful" industry like oil and tobacco which sell mostly to the poor, and establish a ruthless regressive tax and call it "moral". Obviously the poor have too many benefits given to them by their creator, and should ruthlessly have them stripped away by regressive taxation. Certainly, we should keep running these regressive taxes as they discourage "evil" companies from profiting too much by providing a cheap product to the poor. Sure there are hundreds of pages of illegible legal text to describe the established law of robbing the population, but perhaps then we could have a "flat" income tax. Clearly those who are generating income at a lower rate deserve to be taxed just as much as those generating a higher income. Certainly, we should be taxing the generation of wealth. Taxing actual accumulated wealth would be less "fair", as multiple million dollar houses owned by a single non-working entity generate economic activity opposed to this nasty thing called "income" which has no bearing on actual generative economic behavior. Certainly, the free market dictates as Adam Smith so poignantly points out, those enslaved by the invisible hand should be as happy as those not enslaved by paying equal portions of their productivity to the interests of the thieving majority.

Yes, I'm as liberal as they come. I'm no Democrat and I don't really fit in the Libertarian party. Liberal to the utmost of personally free, and equal to the furthest extent that we remain personally free.

Yes, I'm as skeptical as they come. I'm no Atheist and I don't fit in with the Taoist system. Skeptical to the utmost of unknowing, and open to listen to the furthest extent that there is no me but "The" which extends beyond "me".

The progressive movement is dead. The Democrats killed it.
Death to the man! and the liberal fucktard spies.
My favorite movie is "The Lives of Others".
I've been thinking of you. Watch it...

There is no such thing as taking orders. Do as you please. Obey, and betray the essence of "good".

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