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/i miss you - Zig
April 27th, 2010
02:26 am


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/i miss you
How much I miss those words that ran away. It was some forgotten language, some foreign language of cryptic talk meaning something and wishing everything that stuck in me. So I felt some kind of dizzy bliss, like god had some kind of game for me. Thing was, I much prefer to make the games myself. I'll make it some intricate strategy, synchronously timed with delays while the ongoing battle moves on and you could even charge forward with oneself during the ongoing flip flopping advancements among one's loose allies. A rambling dream shifting to some political stance about the power positioning itself at more power and taking more from those who grow and those who are GREAT>... The government, the enemy of the change - the stagnation. Get happy, so happy, get psychologically accepting of the situation you're in...

Somewhere in this all I start to understand myself. Such a thing! I can find myself bliss and ignore this brutal world full of foolishness. They say add something back, I'll just be happy not taking anything away. If I take nothing away, then perhaps I have lived ideally.

I could live with living ideally.

So sexy lady, let me guide you through the motions, let me show you how to think, let me guide you to bliss, to the ultimate joy in the biggest game there is, oh my lady, will you blame me if I'd rather guide you then let you run down that ugly road?

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